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my journal is now friends only

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for japanese icons visit tk_my_japan

comment *added to friends* on this post to be added ^^ add me first and i'll then add u back XD!!
加えられるべきこのポストの友人に加えられるコメントは私を最初に加え、私はそれからu 背部XD を! 加える!

oh you are welcome to take any of the friends only banners here or on my info page ><

thank you
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11 July 2012 @ 10:05 pm
Wow, been way too long! Years in fact.

Well a lot has changed for me over the past few years, I'm engaged, have my own flat and am building my own business as a photography....what else....oh yeah! I'm in a wheelchair XD. My back has been miss behaving and now....3 years after my spinal operation I am back in the wheel chair learning to walk again, so yeah fun XD.

Moving on....if anyone is interested in checking out my photography work, it can be found at my website www.takaradancy.co.uk or t-designs.deviantart.com

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ok...well it's been to long i know i know XD

moved....again.....graduated from college XD and need money -_-

which is why i'm selling a whole bunch of mangas and stuff.....so if anyone is looking for any of the following...all i good condition let me know XD

i can do it in small groups (like 1-4 of D.N.Angel)
or one hell of a big bunch....of like....40ish

here are a list of what i've got


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05 September 2007 @ 09:05 am
.....man!! i can't believe the holidays are over for me on monday.....i have spent most of my whole holiday working....at work or on my project or doing house work or moving.....i've almost finished my project.....just a couple for things to do......i just wish i had some time to sort a few things out for myself.....

...anyway enough about me....hope everyones ok and everyone is ready for the crappy lets get back to work stuff

hopefully i might be able to get a few icons out soon.....well....i'll try anyway ^^

love love love
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